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Clan Enlightened started out as a group of friends who were not satisfied with the rigid rules and requirements of many other clans. We decided to see if a clan with fewer restrictions on player freedom would work. We are a clan with few rules however, the ones that are in place we take very seriously. Every rule has a reason. If you are unsure why a rule is in place ask an elder for an explanation and they will be happy to discuss it with you.   We are a social clan and enjoy each other's company. We have lively discussions about topics that pertain to the game as well as real life. A good debate is absolutely fine, but it is never Ok to flame or otherwise disrespect another clan member.   We enjoy helping each other become better players. We are happy to share tips and tricks that we find to make the game easier with each other as well as players who do not choose to have a character in our clan. If we can not assist someone, or feel we are being taken advantage of we know that it is Ok to say no in a respectful way.   In summary we are a friendly clan that does our best to respect our members and their unique points of view. We share information freely because we want to make Alter even more amazing than it already is. If what you have read resonates with you, feel free to read our entry requirements or contact an elder for more information.

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Page last modified on May 27, 2015, at 10:56 AM